Cacao Buckwheat Crunch Aka The Best Granola To Date

The most delicious chocolate granola you have ever tried. Dangerously so!!! In fact I'd encourage you to make two batches if you're anything like me and love snacking granola by the handful straight out of the jar... You can eat it like any other granola but my favourite way to enjoy it is on top of an Acai bowl or Banana Ice Cream as the sprouted buckwheat kernels get a gorgeous crunch through freezing slowly. The Cacao Buckwheat Crunch is naturally gluten-, dairy- and refined sugar free in addition to being completely plant based. Make a double batch and simply store it in an airtight container or glass jar to be enjoyed whenever the time is right (which is always!). 

Raw Chocolate Buckwheat Granola Crunch Vegan Gluten Free Refined Sugar Free Dairy Free Granola Breakfast Bowl #veganbowls #glutenfreegranola

Cacao Buckwheat Crunch Granola

Makes 600g 


50g cacao powder

3 tbsp water

6 tbsp maple syrup 

2 tbsp coconut sugar 

2 tbsp coconut oil 

1/2 tbsp vanilla essence 

pinch of salt

50g sunflower seeds 

100g sprouted buckwheat 

120g desiccated coconut 

100g gluten-free oats

50g cacao nibs 

40g sesame seeds


1. Preheat your oven to 160˚C. 

2. In a small bowl combine the water, maple syrup, coconut sugar and melted coconut oil. Season with vanilla essence and a good pinch of salt.

3. In a larger bowl combine the cacao powder, sunflower seeds, sprouted buckwheat, desiccated coconut, gluten-free oats, cacao nibs and sesame seeds. 

4. Now pour your wet mixture over your dry mixture and give it a good stir until everything is evenly coated. At this point it should look lusciously chocolatey. I'd encourage you to try it before even baking it because it's heavenly to say the least. 

5. Evenly spread over two paper lined baking trays. 

6. Pop in the oven for about 50 minutes, giving it a stir half way through. 

7. Once baked, let it cook completely. This is where it will firm up and become deliciously crips. 

8. Scoop into your preferred glass jar or container to store. Use as you would any other granola. I especially love it topped on smoothie bowls, ice cream/ nice creams as the buckwheat kernels crips up and give it the most divine crunch. 

Raw Chocolate Buckwheat Granola Crunch Vegan Gluten Free Refined Sugar Free Dairy Free Granola Breakfast Bowl #veganbowls #glutenfreegranola