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Acai Berry Bowl with All The Toppings

A creamy delight of sweet, refreshing goodness. This is no ordinary acai bowl. Every bite is so refreshing yet so indulgent at the same time due to its luscious creamy texture. Adding different flavoured and textured toppings, create a new experience for your taste pallet every time you dig back into your bowl. It doesn't only make it look so much more spectacular but gives it a unique taste in flavour. The perfect dish to impress anyone or yourself. We love to top our acai bowls with our chocolate buckwheat granola which provides the perfect crunch. 

Acai Berry Bowl

Serves 2 


For the Acai bowl 

4 bananas, frozen

4 tbsp acai powder or 2 sachets of frozen acai 

1 tsp almond butter

For the toppings

1 kiwi, peeled & sliced

1 banana, sliced

2 tsp almond butter

2 tbsp frozen raspberries 

6 tbsp cacao buckwheat crunch 


1. To make the acai bowl blend the frozen bananas, almond butter, acai powder or frozen acai in a high-speed blender. You will want an incredibly creamy light purple mixture. 

2. Pour the content of your blender into two bowls then garnish with all your toppings.