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In case you haven't heard already - we've launched our entire Millionaire Bite range into the one and only Selfridges. We are so thrilled to be a part of their curated edit of brands in their renowned Food Hall. You'll finally be able to get your hands on our products in a more convenient way! We're not only in their London Store but you'll also be able to find us in Selfridges Birmingham and Manchester.

To celebrate the launch of our bites we sat down with the Selfridges Editorial Team to discuss entrepreneurship and the rise of plant-based foods. 

Why did you choose to make plant-based foods?

I launched Mimselicious while at University, instead of getting a typical side job, I decided to start a catering company. Growing up cooking alongside three generations of women in my family, I naturally loved cooking and was already spending so much time rediscovering foods after previously learning of my food intolerances. I had to completely reinvent my pantry using more wholesome ingredients to satisfy my sweet tooth, while still maintaining the excitement to make and eat it. Back in 2013, there weren’t many options for healthier corporate catering options, so the timing was perfect. Our services became increasingly popular in the fashion industry. We hosted multiple press launches for Karla Otto, Stella McCartney, and Sam Smith as well as teaching private clients how to incorporate more natural and plant-based ingredients into their daily lives.

The more I learned about food through my own experience and the help of my homeopath, the more it became apparent to me that the quality of food we put into our bodies matters more because it drives our gene function, metabolism, and health. I wanted to dispel the assumption that gluten-free, plant-based eating was not as delicious or full of variety as all other foods. So, I would always taste test new recipes on people without any eating restrictions. It was the ultimate seal of approval as I wanted to make plant-powered foods a tasty option that everyone can enjoy.

What started as a blog for delicious ‘Free From’ recipes and catering stints was then transformed into our first product. Our mission remained true to the ‘Why’ we initially started Mimselicious. To make better-for-you treats accessible to everyone by challenging the status quo, provoke bold taste and finally more Free-From, plant-based and natural snacks out of the counter-culture and into the mainstream way of eating.

Our snack range will leave you feeling nutritionally upgraded without trading anything out. Especially not taste! No fad diets, or fancy superfoods. Just bold taste, natural ingredients without the preaching! Healthy eating shouldn’t be a trend, but it should always be delicious.

What benefits does a vegan diet provide (to us and the planet)?

I’m not in a position to say what benefits a vegan diet provides as I’m not a Nutritionist. My personal journey with food intolerances and my experience in catering and recipe development show that it’s not simply about adopting a trend for us at Mimselicious; it’s an approach to food, health, and living well. Nurturing ourselves and our planet.

There’s never been a better time to adopt a more sustainable way of living with rising environmental issues. Mimselicious philosophy and approach to circular sustainability are what sets us apart from so many other brands. Simple small changes can make a big difference. Across our social media, we demonstrate how simple hacks can make the most delicious meals using solely plant-based ingredients, whilst our product range brilliantly compliments the busy consumer in today’s fast-paced society when wanting something natural and wholesome to snack on.

Our bites, for example, are made from 100% plant-based ingredients, we produce our products in the UK to reduce our footprint and solely order what we need in order to minimise food waste. According to the guardian it takes less land, water, and CO2 to produce plant-based foods. In fact, just one day of plant-based eating saves 1500 liters of water - equating to two weeks’ worth of showers per person. In addition to this, studies show that a plant-based diet only requires one-third of the land needed to support a meat and dairy diet.

 Plant-based foods are having a moment in the spotlight – why do you think that is? And where do you see this movement going in the future?

 With the health-conscious state of the nation, consumers are switching to a plant-based diet for a number of reasons, including health, environmental and animal welfare concerns. This has prompted the emergence of the ‘flexitarian’ consumer. An individual that consumes meat and dairy but wishes to reduce the quantity on ethical environmental and/ or health grounds. Plant-based products have a wide reach that doesn’t only tap into the burgeoning vegan market but also the UK’s estimated 22 million flexitarians.

The surge in social media, documentaries and studies available has transformed the way people think about food. Consequently, making them more aware of the impact their diet has on the planet and on their health. The seismic shift is driven by the generation of the future. Plant-based eating has often been associated with a restrictive diet and range in the past, yet with so many small businesses challenging these connotations successfully and innovating in the plant-based market space I believe it is here to stay. Especially with established industry players revising their strategy to protect their market share.

Consumers are willing to substitute, but only without sacrifice which is why taste is King. We’ve always appealed to consumers with both taste and appearance since the launch of our blog in 2013.

 What is your favourite food and why?

 Aubergines are a big part of my weekly shop. Soft and meaty they are an incredibly satisfying vegetable once cooked. They are so versatile and never fail to make a quick and easy dinner sure to impress guests for an impromptu dinner.

My two favourite ways to cook Aubergine can be found on our website. The first is Aubergine smothered in a miso sauce which turns delectably sweet and buttery, best served with black rice for a contrast in texture. (find the recipe here)The second is Aubergines halved and topped with my plant-based pesto which is then baked to perfection and served with rocket, lentils, and tomatoes for a speedy impressive plate of plant-based goodness. (find the recipe here)

We will be sampling in Selfridges Food Hall this Thursday, Friday AND Saturday between 12.00 to 15.00 to give you the chance to try our addictive bites first-hand and discover a-better-way to indulge with up to 30% fewer dates and 10g less sugar than other brands. 

Dates: 30th of January, 31st of January and 1st of February 

Time: 12.00 - 15.00 

Location: Selfridges Food Hall, 400 Oxford St, Marylebone, London W1A 1AB